Expired Listing Magic!

Just Follow 4 Easy Steps & You'll Quickly Be Earning Yourself
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How Do You Get Expired Listings To List With You?

It's all about solving their top 4 problems. Once you do, they will quickly list with you! Yes expired listings have 4 problems. If you will address and resolve these 4 problems they will re-list their homes with you. Simply follow our 4 step process and you will list expired listings with ease.

Step 1 To $10,000 Per Month!

You Must Think Like An Expired Listing
Lead & Solve His 4 Problems About You!

What Is The Expired Listing Prospect Thinking Before You Meet With Him?

He is thinking about 4 problems. These four problems will cause him to ask you four rather tough questions. You must be prepared to answer each question in such a way that it persuades the lead to list with you!


Problem 1
He Has About You Is...

Where were you...
when my home was on the MLS?

Problem 2
He Has About You Is...

Why didn't you...
bring a buyer to see my home when it
was listed for sale with my first agent?

Problem 3
He Has About You Is...

What makes you...
any different from my
first agent who let me down?

Problem 4

He Has About You Is...

Do you have...
a buyer for my home right now?


Ok, So How Am I Going To Answer These 4 Problems?

You are simply going to use a powerful prospecting presentation we'll outline in Step 2.

Step 2 To $10,000 Per Month!

The Persuasive Answer Presentation!

You'll Remove All Blame With This Powerful Presentation

The 'It's Not Your Fault' Expired Presentation
The 'It's Not Your Fault' Prospecting Presentation

It's A Persuasive 7 Page Prospecting Presentation Just For Expired Listings

This Presentation Answers The 4 Most Difficult Questions Expires Ask Agents

{1} Comes in 'Female Agent', 'Male Agent' & 'Your Own Photo' versions.
{2} Click here or on the image to see an example of all versions.

1. Remove The blame!

There's no point blaming the seller when it comes to trying to decide why the home did not sell. By removing the blame you position yourself as the good guy!

2. Answer the first 3 questions!

You must get past the first three questions before you can close for the listing appointment! This presentation allows you to so with ease!

3. Then close for appointment with buyers!

You will book the listing appointment with ease once the Expired Listing lead discovers you have buyers for his home!

Ok, So Where Am I Going To Find These Buyers?

That's where the MLS Presentation comes into action!

Step 3 To $10,000 Per Month!

The Buyer Acquisition Presentation!

You'll Use The 'MLS Explanation' Presentation
To Book Your Listing Appointment

The Expired 'MLS Explanation' Presentation
The 'MLS Explanation' Presentation!

It's A '9 Page' Presentation You'll Use To Book The Listing Appointment!

Presentation Demonstrates You're A 'Top Agent', resulting in the trust needed to book the listing appointment.

{1} Comes in 'Female Agent', 'Male Agent' & 'Your Own Photo' versions.
{2} Click here or on the image to see an example of all versions.

1. This Presentation Gets You The Listing Appointment!

Sellers do not understand the MLS. When you use this presentation to explain the MLS to the seller, and how you sell into the MLS, the result will be a listing appointment.

2. This Presentation Causes The Seller To Trust You!

The seller will quickly understand that you're a Top Agent resulting in the trust factor required when booking the listing appointment.

3. This Presentation Gets You The Signed Listing!

You can rest assured that once this presentation results in the listing appointment with an expired you will walk out of that home with a signed listing agreement in your hands.

Ok, So How Am I Going To 'Communicate Effectively' With The Expired Listing?

That's no problem at all thanks to what you'll learn in step 4!

Step 4 To $10,000 Per Month!

Language Systems To Persuade & Seduce

You'll Know Exactly What To Say & When To Say It!

The Expired 'MLS Explanation' Presentation
Words Matter!

Don't Get Caught With Your Foot In Your Mouth!

Thanks to 'Words Matter' you will know exactly what to say to any objection the lead throws your way!




1. You Will Be Quick On Your Feet!

Being prepared is the reason why top producers are so effective at listing expired listing prospects. And you will be as well with this language training program.

2. You Will Stand Out!

Professional is what the expired listing will think of you. The language tracks and scripts found in this training program will cause expired listings to want to do business with you.

3. You Will Gain Their Favor!

Before a prospect will list with you, they must first trust you. And that is exactly what will happen when you combine the prospecting presentations in Step 2 and Step 3 with the language scripts found within Step 4.

Summary Of The '4 Step' Expired Listing System

Step 1: Prepare Yourself Before You Call

Step 2: The 7 page 'It's Not Your Fault' Prospecting Presentation

Step 3: The 9 Page 'MLS Presentation'

Step 4: The Language Training Program

Here's What You'll Receive When Ordering!

1. Expired Listing... "Training Program Book"
2. Expired Listing... "Scripts & Tips Book"
3. Expired Listing... "Prospecting Presentation in PowerPoint"
4. Expired Listing... "MLS Explanation Presentation in PowerPoint"
5. Expired Listing... "Video Training Program"

What Do Other Agents Think of
The 4 Step Expired Listing System?

Bob Burns of Florida writes:

This system works. What more needs to be said! Any agent can experience tremendous results by making a commitment to this system.


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